What We Do For You

Acquire New Home Buyers

An unorganized referral program can generate 20% of sales for a large real estate company, think what an organized one can do for your brand. The quickest and cheapest way to sell.


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Engage Your Buyers

From engaging prospective buyers to engaging lifelong customers, Loyalie covers it all.

We help you co create and implement special promotional events and programs that help in generating referrals and increases the currency of loyalty. What’s even better is buyers can avail various loyalty benefits in the form of offer and discounts from businesses we have tie ups with.

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Sales Support

Loyalie will assist you with proper CRM training enabling you to keep track of your all your leads and follow ups. You will also be provided with Data Analytics where insights can be used to create special referral programs. To top that, proper training will be conducted for your sales team to be effective and close as many leads as possible. We will be available 24x7 for any kind of assistance in any regards.

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What Makes Us The Right Choice For Your Business

Referral Program

Ever noticed how apps go viral? Now let your own business go viral through the power of word-of-mouth marketing with our easy to use referral marketing

Loyalty Program

Retain more. In the long run, businesses run on repeat customers much more than newly acquired customers. Now, our award winning software is here to simplify all your loyalty operations.

Private Feedback

Ever seen a good business get destroyed by someone ranting on social media? Now collect private feedback to allow the redressal of issues before they go public!

Automated Marketing

SMS and Emails are the most convenient form of marketing. Why go through the trouble of manually sending notifications when you can just automate it to be delivered at the right time?

Sales Feed

Finding your Facebook reach too limited? Advertise on our platform and get your message across to everyone around!

Cross Market Visibility

As our platform caters to various sectors in the city, customers who don’t download industry specific apps can now finally find you.


Data Collection & Analytics

When someone downloads the app, we automatically collect customer information. This data is secure and easy to export. Make sense of all your data with
simple and easy to use charts and figures.


Running a promo event? Or looking for volunteers? Simply need people to join your business? Use our Subscribe Section to get the message across and find out  who is interested.


What They Have To Say

When I was explained the concept of this app, I was totally taken aback. The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a brilliant idea, is why you didn’t think of it first. That was the exact thought which came in my mind back then. Being a hotelier and a restaurant owner myself, I can actually imagine the power of such a loyalty platform. We restaurant owners are desperate for footfalls and sometime we start focusing on only acquiring new customers instead of ensuring that our existing customers are satisfied and we get repeated footfalls. This app exactly helps us ensure that. I can’t wait to download this app myself and would like to wish the Loyalie team the very best!

Siddhant Jatia Director - Cassa Kitchen

“Signing up with Loyalie has been a good decision in terms of marketing my business and getting good relationships with my customers simultaneously. My business has seen a steady rise in returning loyal customers who advocate my business to their friends and family ever since I started incentivising them properly via this customized reward system. As someone who highly values my customer’s satisfaction and personal feedback, I feel that Loyalie’s platform has helped me a lot  in strengthening these core values. I think more business’s should start taking notice of the importance of passionate customers and aim to optimize their strategies to unlock the full potential.”

Rahul Daga Franchise Owner - Happily Unmarried, Kolkata