Be a part of a special and unique initiative – Business success and profit are all fine, but we at Loyalie are aiming for something a bit more – creating and developing a new model of customer-business interaction that appreciates and rewards loyal customers.  Customers in the Indian market aren’t as up-to-date as the rest of the world about what Loyalty and Referral rewards are and how they work, and we aim to change that for good. This means that we are sailing on uncharted waters, and our team must be equipped to pioneer new ventures.

Learn to survive in a difficult environment – Our attempts to revolutionize the Indian market sentiments and behavior is a massive effort. Coping with such pressure requires a lot of professional integrity and diligence. Ask any of our employees and they will tell you that there is no time when they aren’t in a hurry to meet deadlines, take initiatives and explore new challenges. There have even been times we have felt too tired to go on, but persistence is something we absolutely demand here at Loyalie.

Get in the spotlight – Loyalie operates like a molecule, with each individual atom playing a crucial role in holding up the structure of the whole. As an employee, you will quickly find your role and take charge of your bit in the big picture. Unlike bigger corporate setups, we require our employees to take initiative and lead from their roles.  We work with a small team of very capable people, and we cannot afford to micro-manage our employees at each stage. This means that each employee has a larger share of responsibility and is more directly accountable for the company’s performance.

Innovate and Collaborate – Loyalie has been in operation for a little over 2 years now, and we have made it this far by being pioneering innovators in our field. Loyalie excels in coming up with solutions that others haven’t found, and our workspace provides excellent opportunities for our employees to come together, collaborate and innovate to find even better solutions for our clients.

Learn as you work – We don’t believe anyone knows everything, and this reflects in our work ethic. Though we have designated employees who are qualified for their roles and designations, we believe everyone has space for growth and learning. We operate in harmony between our various teams, and everyone is expected to learn what they need from each other. Not having constricted job roles allows us to work freely and efficiently with a compact and capable team.

The fastest road from where we are to where we want to be is not a straight or easy road, but we rely on our employees to help us traverse through it, no matter how hard the terrain or how difficult the journey. Working with us can help you realize your potential and grow exponentially, so don’t waste time and get in touch with our HR at hr@loyalie.com