How to Set Up a Loyalty and Referral Program for Your Restaurant

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Restaurant business owners often face many challenges and factors in running their restaurants. Many problems exist for them such as competition from other owners, framing better and affordable offers plus marketing themselves to the right people. To have an extra edge over their competitors, restaurant owners should leverage loyalty programs to retain existing and regular […]

Why Are Digital Loyalty Stamps Better Than Traditional Loyalty Cards

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Loyalty is an old concept and has been embraced and utilized by practically all companies and retail chains in the form of loyalty schemes. Leveraging existing customers often brings in a stream of regular profits and is more economical than acquiring new customers. Loyal customers are often hardcore brand advocates and play a huge role […]

You’ve just got a new Loyalty and Referral rewards program for your store – Here’s what else you need to do to make sure it works out for you!

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So you’ve gone and established a Loyalty and Referral rewards program for your store, and now you’re waiting for your customer acquisition and retention to shoot up, and maybe you’re feeling like it isn’t working as well as promised. Guess what, it’s possible that your program isn’t working as well as it really could! The […]

Referral Programs and Franchising – How referral programs can go a long way in finding investors to take a franchise for your brand.

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Franchising in India. The franchising of goods and services foreign to India can still be said to be in its infancy, with the first International Exhibition only being held in 2009. Franchising in India is still in a very nascent state as it is a relatively new business model for Indian entrepreneurs as compared to […]