How Direct Selling Companies Can Ease Their Business with Loyalty Programs

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Loyalty Program


Direct selling companies have their own set of disadvantages being in a head to head competition with other retail companies offering the same services or products. Often retail companies utilize loyalty schemes along with new offers targeting higher customer retention.

The method of the direct sellers is a bit different from direct retail with sellers often forming long lasting relationships with their customers. This is required also since gaining new customers is a more time and effort consuming work for them. Since it is hard for direct sellers to find new customers, pitch and sell their products with each cycle, it makes sense to look in to the present customer base and solidify their loyalty for future sales. This can be done in a variety of ways. For instance, Digital loyalty and referral programs offer a lot of benefits and can help the direct selling companies expand and increase sales in shorter periods of time. Let us look at some of the benefits a direct selling business can get if they employ digital referral and loyalty programs.


Loyalty Program




Increased Engagement and Relationship Management


 Direct Sellers have the most personalized engagement with their customers out of all sales processes. Over time, this relationship strengthens or gets worn out depending on various factors. Now if sellers can combine their personal engagement with digital engagement, it naturally proves to be much more effective. Customers’ perception of the products increases and so does the influencing power of the direct sellers.



Running Offers and Rewards from One Place


Digital loyalty programs allow you to run your schemes and offers from one single place or dashboard. (Click here to read the benefits of digital loyalty programs)


Unlike traditional programs you can change or modify them at any time as you please. Customers also can check the latest updates using the loyalty application in their phones.

With the use of a digital program, everything is in sight and people can choose their own schemes and get digitally stamped and rewarded in a very transparent manner which in turn can increase brand dependability among them.





Often Direct selling companies utilize large networks of sellers and customers are often converted in to direct sellers. If the customers can refer their family and friends to the business and the attractive offers using the digital loyalty application, the company can grow very quickly. The schemes of offers and referrals should be planned as such to maximize the use of this digital technology at everyone’s hands.



Direct and Private Feedback


Feedback can be of many types being from personal to product suggestions. Often direct sellers get it from the customers themselves but more often than not all customers are not open to direct communication. Using the application all the customers can spell out their problems and issues without being uncomfortable about it. This will help the sellers judge which aspects of their business can be improved and need to be worked upon.

Loyalie offers all these features and you as a direct business seller or company can utilize our platform to run your own customized digital referral and loyalty programs. Click here to schedule a demo and ease your business with the help of our technology.

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