Engaging Your Real Estate Buyers For More Referrals

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Real Estate Buyers

Real Estate industry is like any service industry where the process of servicing the buyers does not end but is a continual process. Most developers take their buyers for granted ignoring the fact that the same people will help in future referrals when a new project is launched or is in the making.

To provide great ongoing customer service in today’s real estate market without having some sort of loyalty or referral program is not a practical in itself. Also just having a Referral program is simply not enough. Smarter developers engage their buyers throughout and make them feel like a part of the real estate family. In fact the satisfied buyers will act as your best sales team bringing in more people in the form of acquaintances and family.

Your customers need a common platform via which they can make referrals, learn about your latest projects as well as avail special exclusive offers and Loyalie provides that exactly.


Real Estate Buyers


Loyalie is a digital, legal RERA compliant referral and loyalty platform that will allow you as a developer many facilities. First of all your buyers will be able to make legal referrals increasing your reach. They can refer their friends and family easily through the app. You can access all the data, make your own referral schemes and apply them through Loyalie’s dashboard.

Secondly, Loyalie will help you to engage your home buyers through different kinds of engagement programs. They will be able to access all your events and participate in them. They will be able to avail different kind domestic services that Loyalie has tie ups with at special discounts. These kinds of events and offers will generate huge word of mouth marketing that will help to establish your firm and brand.

Thirdly, these two together will help you generate your buyer’s loyalty. Loyalty, the ultimate currency that can be leveraged by you in many ways.  They will be constantly engaged with events and special programs along with the rewards they get from the referrals making them a greater part of your family.

If you as a developer want to beat other real estate competitors you should utilize the platform of Loyalie that allows you a single platform to engage all your buyers and prospects. If you want to know more about this click here to schedule a demo now.

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