How To Get The Best Referrals Out Of Your Home Buyers

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Best Referrals


Real Estate business does not end after a property sale but is a continuous process. The home buyers after having the positive experience of living in your homes are more likely to refer people. Present Home Buyers often refer family and acquaintances to real estate properties as prospective buyers tend to trust referrals more from a closer acquaintance.

Developers have a tendency to ignore the engagement process of home buyers after the property sales. Their loyalty to the developers is often taken for granted.

Smarter developers and real estate firms know otherwise and try to keep their buyers engaged throughout. They know that just giving referral rewards is not the perfect motivation for the buyers. There are many kinds of engagement methods that are employed making the buyers feel involved being greater part of a real estate family. In fact, it can be said that these very buyers become the best sales people of the developers bringing more revenue through their referrals.

Loyalie provides a very such unique engagement program that covers all the stages to get your buyers engaged. It is a digital platform for referral schemes and loyalty programs. Loyalie engages the buyer right from the start, from prospecting to the property sale to making them an integral part of your business and family.


Best Referrals

First of all, all referrals made using Loyalie’s platform are legal as well as RERA compliant. Buyers can access the application anytime and make a referral for your new properties. All the data is securely stored in the database, giving you, the developer access to any data at any moment. You can make any new referral or loyalty scheme right from our dashboard.

Secondly, the buyers can be given many special offers in different sectors like grocery retail, gym, spa and salon etc according to your and their requirements. Loyalie has tie ups with various vendors enabling your prime buyers get premium services at great discounts and offers.

Thirdly, Loyalie also will engage the buyers with different kinds of events such as music shows, theatre, exhibitions etc. These events will act as promos also giving you buyers positive experiences and a place to offer referrals to prospective buyers.

This sort of benefits and engagement offered to buyers at this level truly serves as customer delight. Not only they are get extra benefits by being a part of your housing project but they also get touched emotionally. This goes a long way in generating loyalty which can be leveraged in many ways by the developer.

As a developer you need to engage your buyers with Loyalie now to see the results as well as stand out from your competitors. Click here to book a demo and know more about the programs.


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