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The main aim of real estate marketing should be to inspire and excite prospective buyers so that they feel encouraged to invest in their dream homes i.e. your projects.

Real Estate marketing can get tricky due to a number of reasons. The people you market to need just more than advertisements and brochures to be sure of their investment. Most home buyers tend to go through a very long prospecting and research phase to decide if they are spending their savings on a real estate project.

With very high competition among developers, it is best to make sure you have the upper edge when it comes to marketing for your projects. Marketing for real estate can cover a lot of areas inside both digital and traditional domains.

In spite of all the exposure through these mediums, word of mouth remains a reliable source that can exponentially increase your sales. The power of referrals simply cannot be overlooked in the case of real estate.

You can save as much as up to 20% of your marketing costs by running a simple unorganized referral program. If you invest in a proper and organized referral program such as ours at Loyalie you cannot only avail referral but buyer engagement services as well.



Buyers want to invest in projects they trust in believing they will be taken care of even after sales. Loyalie will not only take care of your referral requirements (which are 100% RERA Compliant) but also help you engage your home buyers to the optimum point making them a lifelong brand advocate.

Once your buyers become loyal to your real estate brand they will act as salespersons referring their friends, acquaintances and family. This tremendously increases the reach of your brand as well its credibility. Your marketing will be done by your own buyers at this stage increasing your sales.

Loyalie will engage the buyers at all stages, from prospectors to owners. We will help you co-create and implement special promotional events and programs that help in generating referrals as well as increasing the currency of loyalty. What’s even better is buyers can avail various loyalty benefits in the form of offer and discounts from businesses we have tie-ups with. You can then leverage your buyer’s loyalty that will be developed as the direct result of such programs taking your real estate business to the next level.

If you want to know more, click here to book a demo. We are always here to help you reach your goals.

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