One Big Thing Most Developers Miss Out On

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Real Estate Home Buyers


Developers have a tendency to overlook one very important aspect regarding their home buyers. Often, after the sale is done, developers tend to ignore the buyers or not treat them as they did before. This kind of behavior often leads to dissatisfaction and resentment on the home owner’s part. As an after effect, most of them are not likely to refer any future or present projects to their family or acquaintances.

This simply can be avoided by utilizing proper engagement programs that engage your buyers throughout their lifecycle. Loyalie’s advanced engagement, loyalty and referral platform allows you to cover all the phases and generate more referrals. Let us look at how Loyalie can help you ease this process by utilizing customized programs.

Right from the prospecting to moving in and beyond, the buyer is kept engaged throughout with events, loyalty offers and benefits.  You as a developer get to leverage your buyers’ loyalty that is developed as the direct result of such programs and grow your business.



Real Estate Home Buyers

a) Before Someone Moves In

From the prospecting phase, Home Buyers are engaged to make them feel excited to be associated with your real estate brand.

They are given various kinds of services and offers as the deal is closing in.

Positive experiences such as these enable the buyer feel proud of their investment and as well as other benefits generate Loyalty.

A variety of services are provided to buyers before moving in which can be customized according to your business requirements.


b) After Someone Moves In

Home Buyers are provided with various services after they move into their dream homes.

Loyalie’s helpline covers a lot of needed services which eases buyers into their transition to your real estate development.

Depending upon the Income Groups of the Buyers, the services and loyalty benefits are categorized. Eg. Restaurant, Gym discounts and offers etc.

All these services and offers are mostly provided by businesses that are tied up with us.


Special Events

Loyalie will help you set up special campaigns and events according to your needs. This helps establish your brand also creating a positive atmosphere and environment to enable referrals. Your buyers are notified of these events through the Loyalie app itself.

All these services, offers and benefits bond your home buyer closer to you. They feel cared for and want to contribute back by participating in the referral programs.

To know more about how to set up a customized program that will generate more referrals and business for you and your firm, click here.

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