A Referral Program As Unique As You Are

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Referral ProgramOften developers stop engaging their home buyers over time which can affect the future referral prospects. A buyer would always remain loyal to a developer if they are getting more than they bargained for. Here is where Loyalie comes in the picture, with its advanced marketing initiatives.


Loyalie is a digital custom referral platform that is legal and RERA Compliant. So while taking care of your referrals which other developers are having problems with at the moment, you are also getting the advantages of Loyalie’s advanced user engagement initiatives that will be customized according to your building projects. The whole engagement program will have events of your choice and can be tailor made to your brand image and requirements. This is a one of its kind program that will make you stand out from all your competitors.


You can plan and execute your whole loyalty and referral scheme with Loyalie and make it unique in the actual sense. You will be managing all the referrals from your dashboard and will be able to implement new referral programs and schemes as per as your needs.


Loyalie can go on to give advanced marketing benefits that will be helpful in generating a greater number of referrals. Buyers who are emotionally involved can definitely be predicted to give greater word of mouth marketing.


Loyalie will also collaborate with different service providers such as spa and salon, restaurants etc to give your buyers extra benefits of your choice that will definitely increase their loyalty points towards your organization.

Referral Program

Developers will be able to have all their needs taken care of by one platform. Getting services such as


  1. Legal Real Estate Referrals
  2. Home Buyer Loyalty Programs
  3. Advanced Home Buyer Engagement Programs


The loyalty that thus will be generated from the buyers and the word of mouth marketing that ensues will snowball tremendously increasing both your market reach and base.

You can immediately schedule a demo with us by clicking on this link here. We are happy to help you beat all your competitors and stand out as the best developer.

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