Wouldn’t it be easier if your home buyer started selling for you? Research says, about 40% of real estate sales is based out of referrals for your company. Design loyalty programs for your customers with exciting offers, incentives and benefits to create customer satisfaction & make them a real estate seller. Find out sure shot ways to generate leads through quality referrals and expand your real estate business.


Referral Programs

With the advent of RERA, every referrer is required to be registered as a real estate agent – thus complicating the process of referrals. But there is a way out – Loyalie! Loyalie is an advanced marketing solutions platform which enables your home buyers to make referrals for your company. Being RERA-Compliant, the Loyalie App can process transparently trackable referrals of home buyers. Of course, there is more to it.

Loyalie believes in acknowledging your home buyer’s efforts. When your home buyer refers his or her friends, family or acquaintances to your property, Loyalie presents them with Referral Rewards. This motivates your home buyers to refer their friends and helps you expand your business.

Loyalty Programs

Multiple researches have shown that programs created for customer retention are a better optimization of marketing costs than those created for customer acquisition. Loyalie creates customized loyalty programs for your home buyers, offering them a wide range of post-acquisition benefits. Benefits include moving in benefits, local area benefits as well as amazing discounts and deals from various PAN-India Brands. Create loyalty programs for your customers to generate customer satisfaction. Because we all know, a happy customer is a loyal customer.


Engagement Programs

Once they have moved in to their new homes, you can surprise your home buyers with more than the beautiful house itself. With Loyalie’s efficient team, you can arrange for exciting events for their family in their housing society. This will aid in extending their loyalty and create positive word of mouth for your company. In turn, they will refer your properties to their own people.

Yes, your buyer could actually become your seller as well!

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