Today, simply selling of a property is not enough. You must also create a permanent imprint of your brand on your home buyer’s mind. We advise realtors to spend substantially on customer loyalty programs with luxury benefits as the payback are worth it.

Loyalty Programs

Client relationships go beyond the closing of a deal. Provide them with extravagant perks and privileges such as luxury brand discounts, or moving-in benefits with luxury car pickups and packers and movers contacts. Additionally, it is best if you hire a marketing company for this. These enterprises have tie-ups with various luxury and mass-market vendors and they will organize luxury benefits for your homebuyers.

Engagement Programs

Once your residents have settled in, engage them in exciting events in their housing society. Loyalie, the best of real estate marketing platforms of today, organizes luxurious events such as music concerts and wine tasting! These extravagant events will cost you a little more than the usual blood donation camp or health check-up camp events, but the impact you create on your residents would be a much bigger one! Consequently, it will build a strong relationship between you, the developer and your residents and thereby build brand loyalty.

Luxury Benefits

Offer your home buyers with luxury benefits. Give them a luxury brand watch or a cruise tour or even a short vacation to a nearby fancy destination. Your marketing agency will organize the whole of it. In fact, in exchange for what you spend on these arrangements, the quality lead conversion that your business will witness would be enough to profit you substantially.

Brand Positioning & Referral Programs

These types of engagement events and luxury benefits cater to the development of a significant and unique image of your real estate brand. This also creates for you, a class apart brand positioning in the luxury real estate market.
All of the above will help you generate referrals for your properties. Arrange for exquisite referral rewards/luxury benefits for your home buyers. With grand incentives offered on referrals, more home buyers will be motivated to refer your projects to their friends and family.

For all of the above marketing strategies for your company, you only have to approach an all in one marketing solutions platform, Loyalie.
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