How to give your real estate loyalty program the cutting edge?

“A 5% increase in costs to reward customers can grow your revenue exponentially.” Any business looking to multiply their growth will find this statement scattered around the internet. The idea of maintaining a long term bond with customers to get more business out of them has rapidly gained traction in […]

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Why do developers need a channel partner loyalty program?

The real estate market in India is changing rapidly because of the recent RERA policies. The 2016 legislation has impacted the foundation of the industry and levelled the playing field for big and small developers alike. RERA registration is now mandatory for all real estate developers and channel partners – […]

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How you can combat the real estate slowdown in major Indian cities?

According to research firm Knight Frank, the industry is facing a real estate slowdown in major Indian cities. Economic Times reports that this has led to a significant price drop of properties over the last year. As a real estate developer in India, this is a worrying situation. Business is […]

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How to revolutionize your real estate sales!

Indian real estate sales have followed a basic pattern over the years. A real estate agent gives prospective customers a tour and if all goes well, the sale moves forward. This is the most frequent method of property sales. On the other hand, there is also the customer referral where […]

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