How Can Customer Relationships Increase Real Estate Sales

First time customers and repeat customers have one very important thing in common- trust. It is necessary to understand that your relationship with your customers go beyond the closing. More often than not, customer relationship is based around a crucial aspect – Emotion. Here are a few tips as to […]

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Top 4 Real Estate Myths and debunking them!

  REAL ESTATE MYTH: It is better to price a real estate property on the high side. This is one of the most common real estate myths. To maintain their desired selling price, sellers hike the price at the beginning to cover for bargaining by the home buyer. Truth: Overpricing your […]

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Marketing Strategies to generate Real Estate Sales

  Real Estate Sales is a complicated process and is heavily dependent on factors such as referrals and reputability. We wish to make the process of closing deals a lot easier for you. So we have devised certain thumb rules for you to follow that will help you extend the […]

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