REcreate Customer Delight

Why should a homebuyer not expect more than just a property when they spend close to 77% of their personal wealth on it?

ConnectRE is based on the simple principle of the referral curve. In our extensive study of the homebuyer experience, we have unlocked their behavior trends and how it can benefit you. Understanding the thought process of your customer during their property purchase journey will enable you to amplify your referral sales and bring a better homebuying experience for them.

Our solution emphasizes on creating customer delight and satisfaction throughout the purchase duration and opening up a sales channel for you that can contribute 30% – 40% of your total sales.

Here’s a look at the customer journey of regular customer vs. a ConnectRE customer to see what value it adds to your real estate brand.

Customer Purchase Journey

Regular Customer

Customer Purchases The Flat

Feels Paranoid Till Handover

Customer Moves In After Handover

Customer Relationship Is Hampered

ConnectRE Customer

Customer Purchases The Flat

Developer Sends Updates
To Customers

Customer Receives Lifestyle Benefits

Developer Builds Strong Relationship

Once you focus on creating experience and loyalty among your homebuyers, formulating the best real estate referral program and getting real estate leads become part of the process.


We streamline your customer delight and real estate referrals together to create the perfect tool to grow your business vertical and expand your community. Our comprehensive real estate marketing solution is the answer to all the problems you face throughout the customer purchase journey and beyond.



Our solution is designed to maximize your customer referrals and reduce your cost of sales by 80%, giving you the ROI you need.


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Our engagement initiatives are designed to provide homebuyers with an experience that goes beyond transactions & creates customer delight. 


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We give homebuyers the best experience and make you a talking point in their lives, building a firm customer base for you.