We Serve 90,000+ Families

Hyper Target Your Audience

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Loyalie caters to homes and revolves around its customers. Joining our network gives your brand the opportunity to reach their front doors and add value to their lives through your product or service.

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Find Your Audience With Us

Since we handle customers across projects of various ticket sizes, we always have the right target group for you. If you give us a deal that can impress our customers, we can help boost your sales! We give you the opportunity to find the exact customers you are looking for and enable a more specific approach to selling your product or service – with us, you are always going to be on the winning side.

How Do We Do It?

With moving in benefits
to help them start living in their new homes

With customer-centricity
by prevising their future needs

With frequent
deals and discounts

With in-society
events and activations

What Our Customers Expect From You…

Offering them exclusive deals and discounts

Prioritizing their grievances regarding your offers

Providing clear brand guidelines and T&C

Enabling an easy redemption process for your offers

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