REfine Your Distribution Network

Why not use technology to motivate and empower a sales channel that contributes more than half of your total sales?

The WinnRE solution is a loyalty program for channel partners designed to give them the transparency, goodwill, and opportunity they deserve. With our platform, a real estate agent is much more than a selling channel – he is a partner for your business.

Statistics reveal that channel partners account for 60% – 70% of sales for most real estate campaigns.

Our advanced loyalty solution helps troubleshoot all your hassles in creating channel partner delight and motivation! WinnRE is the best marketing for real estate agents and gives you the opportunity to get your affordable and luxury properties the sales edge it needs.

Regular Customer

Loses Track Of Projects

Get The Same Commission Irrespective Of Performance

Regularly Faces Payments Delays

Maintains a Strictly Business Relationship with Developer

WinnRE Customer

Gets All The Projects Handy

Has The Opportunity To Multiply Earnings

Is Able To Upload And Track Invoices

Forms Lasting Loyalty For Developers

With our channel partner loyalty solution, you create the opportunity for property agents to become associates to your real estate brand. We optimize their work ability through our transparent and seamless technology that is easy to use and integrate. 

Our platform enables channel partners to seek greater personal and professional growth within the purview of your company. Once you facilitate the right ecosystem with our solution, becoming the preferred real estate brand for your channel partners becomes inevitable, thus maximizing your sales as part of the process. 



Give your property agents the recognition they deserve by making them channel partners.



Motivate them with a transparent and seamless tech environment along with skill upgradation.



Reward your channel partners with tier benefits, activations, and incentives.